newTLD: 5 reasons to get a newTLD

If you are looking for a name for your website, you probably have in mind this advice: Make sure you have a .com domain name. That’s what we’ve been told for years. But there are now dozens of newTLD. They are worth to look at them.

Until recently, you had little choices in domain name extensions; .com, .org or .net and that’s about it. But now you can choose from more about 400 extensions, called newTLD

It’s time you stopped skipping alphabets, creating alpha-numeric names, and creating incorrect spellings of your brand just so you can get a .com extension. Use newTLDs for your site and you stand the chance of enjoying many benefits.

If you need an excuse, here are 5 reasons why you should get a newTLD

A newTLD has an excellent branding potential

When you use a newTLD for your website, you create uniqueness for your brand. Apart from helping you to reinforce your brand, a newTLD opens up new online advertising potentials, as well as improve user search for your niche.

The key to the online market is to stay unique and these new domain names are an excellent dose.

Keeping your site’s name meaningful

Using a newTLD makes your site easy to label. Your domain name specifically tells your customers who you are and what you do. Visitors will know exactly what to expect on your site. It also creates an avenue for customers to easily recognize your website.

Availability and clarity

Top level domain extensions are easily available. Unlike a .com extension that’s very difficult to acquire, it’s very simple and easy to acquire .de, a .au, or a .at extension.
Additionally, it encourages clarity of whatever your site is. It’s also a good branding practice and availability-consciousness to choose a newTLD for your website.

Localization is easy

For those online businesses that want to serve a local audience, it is prudent to choose a new domain name. A .berlin, .wien, or a .london extension gives you an upper hand when it comes to competing for local customers, and even international ones.
When you get a newTLD, it helps improve your ranking for local search terms on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Servicing ist easy

If you are specialized in a kind of service, you will find dozens of domain extensions representing a special service, for example .baby, .garden, .football, .guitar, .pet or .photo depending what business you represent you find a new Top-Level-Domain for it. For example if you own a Tattoo studio, why not to register “”. Isn’t that cool? But beyond of this you can go in other directions too. For example there is also .guru, .sex or .xyz available as newTLD. So there will no borders for your ideas. Got an inspiration for a domain name with a newTLD?

Affordable pricing

Sometimes you might force yourself only to get a non-catchy, dull .com extension that costs you a whole lot. However, if you go for other top level domain extensions, you will be making significant savings for your business.
Domain names with .com extensions are sometimes costly. If you want to cut cost, it’s good to go for a new domain name.
It’s good to have a .com extension. However, when it comes to branding, marketing, simplicity, and depicting meaning in your online business, you need to go for new domain names that suit your business and can be easily remembered by your customer.

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