5 Things you should know about Domain and Brand Management

1. What domain name to choose in the internet

First of all you should make sure to find a domain that fits you brand. It should be short, easy to know and if you print it or advertise it on a car or somewhere in the public it should be easy to recognize. Do not add ltd, gmbh or something to your name.

Keep it short, keep it simple.

For example your company name is “Amstrong Insurance Group LTD” you should not register the name “amstronginsurancegroupltd.com”. Keep it short, keep it simple, like “amstrong.com”

Also if you your brand contains 2 syllables, like “BigBang Construction Ltd.” register “bigbang.com” but also register “big-bang.com”. For sure you don’t want that a competitor registers your name just with a dash. Even if you win a court case and sue the name, it takes a long time and during this time, the competitor owns the name.

2. The selection of TLDs

As you will find out, a lot of domain names are not available anymore. Not every registrant has a business under that name, some of them just want to make money with a name.

Select your Top Level Domain: Do you really need a .com? If you have an international brand, it may be of advantage to you. But first of all, think about where are you located and select your country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD).

But there are also a lot of new extensions. They fit a lot of categories. Look through all available new names, if there is one, which fits your business. Its not only cool to own such a domain name, it also strengthens your brand.

For example, if you are a fashion company and your Company name is “Zera fashion ltd.” and you are located in spain and your main audience comes from Spain. So register “zera.es” but also register “zera.fashion”. So you do not also own a domain name wich shows your brand, you also have a name, which shows the business where you are in.

3. Be quick

Please keep in mind the principle in domain distribution is first come, first serve. So you need to register your name quickly if you see your desired name is available. It can happen that someone else has the same Idea and registers a name you selected just in the same time. You also should ensure, that the service where you register has a realtime registration.

It is important that you can register a name at any time without human interaction of the registration provider.

Usually it works that way, that if you found a domain name, it was shown up as available and you put the name in to the shopping cart, you can check out and pay and after payment your name is registered immediately. Regardless which time, independent of office hours. This is very important, because as said above, it can happen, that another person register your desired name.

4. The main domain

Lets say you thought about all your possibilities and you found the right mix and you registered about 8 domains.

But now, its time to create a website. What to do with 8 names? You do not want to have 8 different web sites, you want one web site which is accessible for all domain names.

Therefore choose your main domain, where to build the website. It should be the one which one you use to communicate your brand.

Again, choose from your selection which one is the shortest one and the simplest one. This one will match perfect with your brand. Under this domain name you build your web site and you set up your email addresses.

All other names you own, you add additionally to your hosting and they point to your main web site. So whenever a client types your web address in the other ways you registered your domains, he reaches your main web site.

5. The Management of Domain names under different TLDs

First of all, when you register a domain, you should have the possibility to create a contact. Create a special Contact, like “Domain Admin” with a special email address, lets say “domain@company.com”. A contact for it is verified by its email Adress. Before you register a name, create this special email address for the “Domain Admin”.  And take care, that you can create forwarders and aliases for this special email address.

You as the owner or manager of the company needs to have full control over this email address.

You will see, that different registries are sending a lot of emails, they need confirmations or they send you important information. Maybe you cannot handle all those many emails and you cannot decide if they are spam or not. So if you have control over your Domain Contact email address, you also can forward this emails to a person of trust, that handles all this registry communication.

But maybe one day this person of trust which one is it today, is it not tomorrow. In this case, you just can delete the forward, handle it by yourself or forward it to a new person of trust.

Therefore it is strongly recommended to use just only one email Adress in the registrant contact for all domain names you register and that you have the full control over this email address.

In this case, you can be sure, that all your domains under your control and nobody can abuse it or steal it.

If your company is that big, that you do not want to handle it by your own, or if you don’t have a person of trust which one will do that for you, you also can order such a service for a managed domain portfolio and they will manage your domains on your behalf.

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