Domain management: How to manage Domains for Customers

As an agency you may manage customers with a lot of different domain extension. The domain management can be a real challenge. On one hand you have the requirements of  customers who wants fancy domain name extensions, and on the other hand you have no partner where to register them. Your hosting provider with whom you work together, may not offer such a large portfolio of extensions. So you need to register some extensions with another service.

You end up in a lot of domain names distributed among different hosters. This means different prices and often different registrant informations. That may cost you a lot of time to handle the different needs of registrants.

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

First of all you need a strategy how to handle the domain management for your customers. It does not matter which TLD you register, each TLD rely on the email address of the registrant. They send informations, confirmations and tokens only to the email address of the registrant. Some TLDs need additional paperworks, but it starts with an information to the email address of the registrant.

No registrant of a domain name knows which complicate policies each TLD may have. They may not understand what emails he is getting and sometimes he thinks, this is spam. But maybe he misses an important information of a domain name.

So we recommend, that you create a special email address for your domain management of your customers.

There may be also some customers, who wants to get the emails from the registry, some not. The most important thing is, that you know what the registry wants from the registrant, that you can act in time, even if the customer got the information.

So you can build a strategy in domain management to use one email address, lets say:

And then you can create an alias, lets say: for domain customer1 that points to

But customer2 wants all communication from the registries, so you create an email address, wich has a forward to the registrant email address and a forward to your main domain management address

So you can create a contact at your registration provider, for each customer with the appropriate email address, that always points to the email address of your domain management.

And you will never miss an important email from a registry for a domain of your customer and you can act in time for important tasks on a domain name.

Registrant Domain management – the Ownership of a domain name

Please take care of the ownership of a domain name. A domain name must belong always to the company or the person who likes to register the domain name. It is a fair and a good practice to register the domain name always for the person where it belongs to. It is a rule of trust, that the one who orders the domain name with you as an agency, that he is the owner of the domain name.

To handle all the complicate communication between domain owner and registry, is part of the domain management. To have a management email address which one belongs to the agency is not to change the ownership of a domain name to the agency. Its a customer service of the agency, to take care of the domain name of a customer.

Do you like to consolidate your domain names?

If you have a lot of domain names with different providers, take your time for the domain management. First of all, start to set up your strategy as described above to create email addresses. Then begin to change the email addresses of the registrants. Often a confirmation from the registrant is needed. Explain him why this process is necessary for a better domain management.

This process takes time. But once, you got all domains under your control in the name of the registrant, you are able to consolidate the domains. Then you are able to transfer domains to the domain provider of your choice, because you get all needed information to your domain management address. It doesn’t work in one day, it takes time. But you end up in a better domain management which is cost optimized. It has an advantage for the registrant. You can really take care and you can renew the domain in time for the registrant. So you never miss an important issue which can lead in to loose a domain name.

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