VPS vs. Dedicated Server

You need a server but you like to rely on a dedicated server, or should you decide for an VPS?
Fortunately, before you make that choice for a server, we are here to tell you the differences and which one is best for you. But for now, let’s understand them.

VPS Servers

A VPS means that a independent server instance is running on a host system or hypervisor, which has so many resources that he can provide them for many such server instances. Depending on the virtualization technology some of the resources are shared, some of them guaranteed. We guarantee RAM and Diskspace, CPU is shared, because not all server instances require all CPU at the same time. And each server instance is a capsuled instance independent from the host system. Also the host system is mirrored and backed up and VPS servers can be moved between different host systems without downtime.

  • Flexibility: Using a VPS brings you a lot of advantages. Its very flexible, you can adjust resources to your needs, it’s independent from hardware and additionally its less expensive than a dedicated server.
  • Server Management: using a VPS gives you the opportunity to customize everything to suit your business goals or needs. You don’t have to incur additional cost just to install a resource you might never use. You pay for what you want and will use.
  • Capsuled Containers: You get an own IP address for your server and he operates like a dedicated server.
  • Availability: VPS Servers are high available because the do not depend on the hardware and can be moved without downtime from one host system to another. Also in case of a hardware failure they keep up and running because another host server in the cloud take them over without downtime.
  • Shared Resources: The resources are shared. You get some resources guaranteed, like disk space, but some resources like CPU are shared.

Dedicated servers

With this type of hosting, you are getting a physical server. You get your own hardware. Using a dedicated server brings you the following benefits:

  • Dedicated Resources: Resources are not shared, that means they are available for your server only.
  • Availability: The availability is not that reliables as with a VPS, because at every hardware issue on your server, the services running on it may be not – or only restricted – available.
  • Flexibility: Because the server depends on the hardware, resources cannot be changed without downtime. What you ordered once, you have. If you want to change it and if you need more RAM its only possible to buy new one, shut down the server and built in the new RAM. This causes a downtime for all the services running on that server. Additionally the hardware is getting old. And in some years you need to replace it with a newer server.

Still battling with the question: which one should you choose? Let’s summarize it for you.

Both VPS and dedicated servers have their entitlement. But remember, this is , not 1997. The world is moving gradually to the cloud computing era and the underlying systems for a VPS (host controllers or hypervisors) are getting stronger and better all the time. We continuously replace the hardware all the time without any downtime of a VPS. Also a hardware failure on our system would not implicit a downtime of your server, because it is multiplied to more nodes, they can take over the server stateful, so that you does not recognize that their is a hardware damage somewhere.

Using dedicated servers makes sense if you have special applications or other very special needs they require an own hardware.
For more than 99% of requirements VPS are fitting perfectly. Also the network stack is fully transparent. You get your own IP and your applications can address the network interface similar to a dedicated server. On the application layer you will not see any difference to a dedicated server and also not on the management layer.

If you still unsure for what to decide you just can test it. VPS are very affordable and they do not have long term contracts. Also the most providers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So give it a try.

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30-days money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied

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