Why unlimited web hosting may be limited

Hearing the word unlimited web hosting might take you from your seat with a shout. But just don’t be happy yet – else, you’ll be disappointed. Why? Unlimited web hosting might be limited after all.

So what’s unlimited web hosting?

In general terms, unlimited web hosting is used to refer to web hosting plans that gives you an unlimited amount of disk space, add-ons, the capacity of domain names, and data transfer capabilities. This plan equally gives you the capability of hosting a lot of websites without limits.

Well, that’s awesome. Just looking at the possibilities of what you can do with a single web hosting plan. You even get to pay not that huge an amount. But don’t get too excited.

Is the ‘unlimited hosting’ possible?

As a customer, there’s one thing you need to take into consideration: web hosting professionals and webmasters have their own vocabulary. Don’t just take the word ‘unlimited’ as its shallow meaning in English might suggest: that’s without limits or ends. Unlimited hosting doesn’t go with the same English meaning.

In real terms, unlimited web hosting is surely limited. Though you are told you can host any number of websites you want and store whatever you want with your hosting plan, there are limits to this kind of ‘unlimited’. To put it simply, these are some of the limitations you might encounter:

  • Some web hosting companies will start shrinking and slowing down the usage of your CPU if you go beyond their own limits
  • Some hosting companies will warn you if you try to exceed some particular amount of inodes
  • You will be warned or suspended by some hosting platforms if you are using too much CPU power.
  • The bottom line is that each and every web hosting agency come with their own limitations on their servers, as well as their own rules. These rules might be anything from the MySQL databases, the inodes, the RAM size, the CPU queries, and even the limitations on the uploads you can do with your FTP

So why are they telling you is unlimited?

don’t jump into ungrounded conclusions yet. There’s surely a technical reason why hosting providers are advertising about this unlimited hosting. So before you call any hosting provider a ‘scammer’, there’s some logic in the unlimited offers.

It’s not so bad

Though it’s a marketing strategy that is used by many web hosting platforms to win customers. Unlimited hosting offers in parameters like bandwidth and storage, to a very large extent, do not form the quality element of a hosting plan.
The most important things to look for when buying a hosting plan is to check the uptime of the site. And the kind of software support that is available.

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